An egalitarian Jewish community

An egalitarian Jewish community


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Give money to Temple Shalom...without actually giving!

What Is the Temple Shalom Scrip Program?

The Scrip Program is a fundraiser for Temple Shalom that costs you nothing. Scrip is a term that means "substitute money". When you purchase Scrip from Temple Shalom, you're purchasing gift cards and gift certificates from major retailers that are used just like cash. Temple Shalom offers Scrip from a wide variety of stores - from Supermarkets, to clothing stores, to book shops and restaurants. And with every purchase of Scrip you make, you make money for Temple Shalom!

What Scrip is Available at the Temple Shalom?

Click on the buttons above to see a list of participating retailers. Since gift cards are used just like cash, in the vast majority of cases, you are still entitled to take advantage of all sales and promotions from a retailer. Some retailers even allow the use of gift cards to pay off charge accounts. Most cards can be used both in a retailer's stores and for online shopping through their Web site.

How does Scrip Generate Revenue for Temple Shalom?

Temple Shalom purchases scrip at a discount and re-sells the gift cards and gift certificates at face value. The difference in price - which varies among participating retailers from 1.5% to 15% or more - is our organization's revenue.

Example: Temple Shalom purchases a Shaw's gift card for $97 and sells it to you for $100. You get the full face value of $100 when you shop at Shaw's and the Temple earns $3

Why is Scrip a Great Fundraiser for Temple Shalom?

Scrip is a great fundraiser because it costs you nothing other than a few minutes of your time to earn money for Temple Shalom. By changing your habits and buying Scrip before you shop, you can earn money for Temple Shalom just by making your regular household and other purchases. All kinds of items - clothing, toys, groceries - can be purchased with Scrip at no extra cost to you. Yet, every time you remember to buy Scrip, the money adds up to help underwrite Temple programs.

How do I buy Scrip from the Temple Shalom?

It's easy; here's how:
1. Review the order form (download here) and indicate the quantity of each denomination you would like for each merchant.
2. Put the total in the "Total Due" column for each merchant then put the grand total in the box at the lower right of the form.
3. Bring or mail the form along with a check for the grand total to Laurie at Temple Shalom by the 15th of the month.

Orders should be available in just about a week. Laurie will call or email you when your order is available for pickup. Orders can be picked up between 9am and 12 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Order Deadline: 12:00 noon on the 15th of each month
Pick-Up Date: Approximately 1 week later

Thank you for your support!

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