An egalitarian Jewish community

An egalitarian Jewish community


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Temple Shalom Welcomes Interfaith Families

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Temple Shalom to anyone seeking a connection to God, to Torah, or simply wanting to learn more about the Jewish people. Membership in our diverse community is open to both Jews and their supportive non-Jewish spouses and family members (K’rovei Yisrael).
At Temple Shalom, we welcome everyone to join our worship services and to participate in all of our educational programs and communal activities.



See what people are saying about us...

I had lived in Medford for the past 15 years as a single Jewish person and I had been looking for a temple off and on. I knew I wanted something that was conservative, and yet modern. In the past, I visited Temple Shalom along with several other temples in the area. To me, Temple Shalom felt steeped in tradition, proud of its long history in Medford. It still is all that- they have an amazing amount of respect for the elder’s in their community who have created and sustained the temple. However, I also feel that recently Temple Shalom has made a real effort to do more to welcome new members. They engage families from the start, especially those with young children. Many of the "new members" of Temple Shalom are interfaith marriages with young children such as ours, and the Temple embraces this diversity.


Interested in Becoming a Member of Temple Shalom? What are you looking for in a synagogue?

Do you even know? When you think about joining a synagogue, what do you actually think of?

At Temple Shalom, we’re giving this a lot of thought. While we welcome new members and energize our
synagogue, we continue to respect the history and traditions of the members who founded our synagogue over
60 years ago.

Temple Shalom is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue that welcomes all Jewish members. You will also find
that many of our new families are interfaith. We welcome them into our community and respect their many
beliefs and traditions. We hold nightly minyans for anyone who is saying kaddish or in mourning.
Our Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday morning services are egalitarian, and attended by all age
groups. Children are welcome at all services. Children spend time in our playroom, and wander back into the
sanctuary at their special and favorite times of the service such as the Shema or the carrying of the Torah. This
is a time when customs are passed L’Dor Vador, from generation to generation. Perhaps this is what you are
looking for in a time when life is fast paced, and many families are spread out across the country?


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