On Purim we are commanded to give


Mishloach Manot (Sending gifts to friends)




Matanot l'Evyonim (Gifts to the poor)


Now you can do both and help Temple Shalom as well!


Give food baskets to your friends and family and to those who need food most. 

10% of the proceeds will go to Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger*.


The baskets will feature Temple made hamantaschen as well as other treats. Along with the baskets will be a note listing all the people who sent the basket. (Note: If several people send the same person a basket, that person will still only receive one basket, though it will contain more food.)

The baskets cost $15 to send to Temple members and $25 to send to non-members (To cover shipping costs). Baskets sent to non-members can only be sent to U.S. residential addresses.

**For the bargain price of $154, you can send a basket to every Temple member.**

Fill out the order form and mail/bring it to the Temple office, along with a check payable to Temple Shalom, by Monday, February 19th.

We'll be baking the hamantaschen and making the baskets on Sunday, February 25th. Anyone interested in helping out should contact David Sayres (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We are also looking for people to deliver the baskets in time for Purim.


* MAZON is a citizens movement, the outgrowth of tens of thousands of American Jews who have stepped forward to solve one of the world's most devastating and most preventable problems.
With their support, MAZON works around the United States, and around the globe, to bring critical relief to millions of hungry families.